Bill Cunningham's Hats Sold Out in 10 Minutes

On Wednesday, online auction site put a very unique collection of hats up for sale: a selection of pieces designed by the now iconic photographer Bill Cunningham in the '50s and '60s under the label William J.

Even more amazing: The hats all sold out in a mere 10 minutes, according to WWD, and were reportedly sold for a whopping $20,000 to a single buyer.

WWD reports the buyer is an "arts patron and friend" of Cunningham's who intends to donate the hats to a museum in the photographer's name.

In a video that The New York Times put together, even Cunningham admitted that his creations were "a little too exotic -- you know, for normal people," but we have a feeling that more than a few wonderfully eccentric city dwellers would turn out to see Cunningham's hats on display in the city.

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