Street Style: Alexandra on Driggs and 10th

We caught Alexandra Weaver right after the sky opened up and sent everyone running for cover. Miss Weaver, clad in a fabulous navy blazer and stripey scarf, appeared undaunted by the drizzle -- either because of her big, floppy hat or because, being a London native, she's just used to this kind of inclement weather. 

Hometown: "Just arrived here from London, actually."

En Route: "Just exploring around to see the sights, I suppose. Point me towards the good shops!"

Today I'm Wearing: "A scarf by Alice Temperley, a Topshop top and shorts, a Jacket from French Connection and vintage hat."

My Signature Style in Middle School: "Can you just write 'embarassing?' I was heavily influenced by the Spice Girls."

If I Could Sit Front Row at Any Fashion Show, It Would Be: "Chanel."

The Best Thing I Bought This Year: "My Mac laptop."

My Style in Three Words: "Bohemian and ... Well, it just changes all the time, actually."

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