The Great Greenpoint Mac Off

Do you like mac and cheese? How about free mac and cheese? On a Sunday? With booze?

Mark your calendar: This Sunday you're going to eat more (free) mac and cheese than you ever thought possible.

The first Great Greenpoint Mac Off is also a crawl, some wear comfy shoes. Here's how it's going to go down, starting at 4PM, courtesy of a few notable city blogs (like Serious Eats):

  1. Start at Red Star. Chef John Manzo serves up his menu's mac and cheese of the day.
  2. Head on over to the Habitat, for chef/owner Ashley Engmann's version.
  3. Haul your carb-and-fat loaded body to The Mark Bar, home of the 10-hour happy hour. Here, Lamb and Jaffy's chef, Michael Diprima, has more mac and cheese for you.
  4. That feeling of fullness? Your heart thudding harder than usual, as it tries to beat through the fat rush? Push through it! There will be no wusses at the Mac Off!
  5. Time for the last stop: t.b.d. Brooklyn. Here, Cody Utzman -- owner of local Cali-Mex favorite Papacitos, opener of coming-soon Brooklyn Standard gourmet deli -- has your last bite of mac and cheese.

After this, local microcelebrities will judge and crown the neighborhood's finest mac and cheese, and everyone will drink to its supremacy. And you'll spend an extra hour at the gym on Monday.

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