The Golden Local Hits the Lanes

Lucky Strike Lanes gets... well, lucky.

Richard Termine

The Big Apple is chock full of fun leisure time activities, from theater, to live music, to amazing restaurants, to the nightclubs and bars that appeal to all tastes.

The latest trend to hit the nightlife scene is an old standby -- bowling. Now, there are bowling alleys all over this great country, but leave it to New York to put a trendier spin on this American classic.

The GL, being the kingpin of all things local and cool, is always looking for an alternative to the usual fun in NYC, and it was time to check out the competition between the best bowling joints in the city.

This installment pitted the downtown, college-y hot spot Bowlmor Lanes, against the upscale midtown newbie lounge, Lucky Strike.

In a squeaker, Lucky Strike was crowned champion. I headed over on a particularly warm November night to the breezy shoreline of 12th avenue and 42nd street.

As I walked into the place, I was immediately bowled over -- This ain’t Nixon’s White House bowling alley (the Hunter S. Thompson portrait above one of the lanes can attest to that), nor is it a place that Jeff Lebowski would necessarily feel at home.

Nope, this is bowling for the 21st Century, mixing fine food, an enormous billiard room, a top shelf bar that would put any in New York to shame, and a sleek, sophisticated décor that rivals any high-price watering hole in the city.

After grabbing a white Russian from the bar (what else?), I headed to the lanes to try out my hand… the hospitable (and very attractive) waitress brought over some munchies to indulge in -- pot stickers that were yummy, something that resembled a plate of 4-star chicken nuggets, and a cheesy fondue dip…food that complemented the sport perfectly, yet would be at home on any fine dining menu.

It had been a while since I had hit the lanes, and after a few early missteps (it may have been the sunglasses), I bowled close to a 200. Look, I’m not gonna brag, but I don’t think Walter would’ve pulled a piece on me after seeing how this golden boy rolled.

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