The Ben & Jerry's Truck; Thank Weed for the Current State of New York Restaurants?

[1] If cocaine fueled restaurants in the eighties, we're now in the age of marijuana-influenced concepts. "These are restaurants created specially for the tastes of the slightly stoned, slightly drunk chef after work," explains Tony Bourdain. Not all chefs agree.

[2] The latest wonky health study (from Australia) in the Daily Mail: "Fighting an all- consuming desire for chocolate HobNobs or strawberry ice cream can have consequences ranging from simple memory lapses to car crashes, say scientists."

[3] Where to spot Tom Colicchio: he lives in the West Village and says he frequents the Spotted Pig and Barbuto.

[4] Not long after scoring a book deal, Amateur Gourmet Adam Roberts announced over Twitter that he has a new intern. While there's no denying he hit the final frontier of "making it," this sort of reminds us of when Kramer got an NYU intern on Seinfeld.

[5] Ben & Jerry's launches an ice cream truck in New York City this summer starting May 28, when you can find the mobile pleasure dispenser parked outside MoMA discovers Grub Street.

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