The 25-Cent Happy Hour

…and other bars around town where beer is a buck. Is it 5 o'clock yet?

One of recession's biggest bummers is how deftly it cuts into one's social drinking in a town where a decent cocktail can run you upwards of $12. On the heels of the news that bottom-shelf liquor is becoming genuinely trendy among the drinkerati, we couldn't help but ask: $4 for a vodka tonic is cheaper, sure, but have you got anything in the $1 range?

Bingo: Here's a roundup of six watering holes pouring beer for a crisp American dollar from NYMag -- plus the mother of all deals, brew for a mere quarter on Friday eves at Bostony Pat O'Brien's on Second Ave. Granted, slapping down a single won't get you a hoppy Maine microbrew or anything -- you must be prepared to get (more or less) what you paid for, and that means Bud, Coors, PBR (in Williamsburg, natch), and the odd Carling Black Label. But as anyone whose liver has cried uncle knows, a good hangover feels the same no matter what you paid for it.

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