Swimming for Exercise

Now that it is officially the season for sticky subway rides and sweaty sidewalk excursions, nothing may be more tempting than jumping in a pool for relief from the heat.

Luckily, the water is a great place to work out, for both cardio and resistance-training. Livestrong.com offers up these four exercises for the pool:

  • Speed kicking: "Kick as fast as you can for one solid minute. Sounds easy. Try it."
  • Pool boxing
  • Lateral shuffles
  • Water wings

And if you just wanted to swim straight laps? Check this out: "Swimming laps burns more calories per hour than many other types of aerobic exercise, including brisk walking, leisurely biking and playing volleyball, softball or baseball. An hour of swimming laps burns about the same number of calories as an hour of rowing, cross-country skiing, backpacking or high-impact aerobics."

So, jump in. The water's fine.

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