Street Scenes East-West Friday Face Off: Melissa vs. Alma

We've picked the highest-ranked Street Scenes subjects of the past week from Racked NY and Racked LA; now you decide which coast has the best style.

[Krieger, Christina von Messling; click here for a larger image]

On the left, we have our NYC contender Melissa (38.8% Perfection!/25.7% I feel strangely ambivalent about it/35.4% Who did this to you?) wearing a scarf she made, an organic cotton shirt she silk-screened herself, vintage leggings, shoes by Peter Schmidt, and a jacket by Helmut Lang and carrying a Marc Jacobs bag.

On the right, we have our LA contender Alma (44.8% Perfection!/25.4% So close/23.9% I feel strangely ambivalent about it/6% Who did this to you?) wearing Forever 21 jeans and jacket, vintage top, and boots which were a gift from her sister.

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