Sneak Peeks: Inside The Standard Grill

The Standard Hotel's Standard Grill isn't opening until this Friday at the earliest, but plenty of lucky souls have been able to get in for the ongoing friends and family nights. And naturally, one of those souls happens to be an Eater tipster. We present his full assessment, duck fat smashed potatoes and all, with inside sneak shots:

"...Great looking space. Well run. HUGE staff so they must be expecting LOTS of business. I think the seat count was nearly 400 indoor and out. The two rooms are a great idea. Completely different vibe. We were in the clubby main room. The menu was pretty good. Again, entree with no sides. Looked cheap but turned pricey fast. The bread basket is a small brown paper bag folded small. Nice touch...

I had a darn good Berkshire Porkchop. My pal had the Filet MIgnon days before and raved about it but it wasn't on the menu on Saturday night. He had the Lamb Chops which were well prepared. Duck fat smashed potatoes and the fois gras terrine were the stars in my eyes. The sauteed spinach was tasty as well. Some glazed baby carrots come gratis with each table. Cheesecake and dull cookies with a tiny chocolate milk shake finished us off. Actually so did BEE'S KNEES, GIBSONS, and various other signature drink tests that were flowing in quantity. Location + style + price point = guaranteed success."

There you have it. Guaranteed success.

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