Slaughter of the Renderings: Where Have the Scaranos Gone?

Time was, you wanted to see a ton of Robert Scarano building renderings, you could go to the Scarano Architects website and find hundreds. No longer. The site has been be de-Scaranoed. Where there were once dozens of residential projects, for instance, there are now only four and one of them is a project on Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg that has been stalled for so long that there are trees growing from the windows of the old warehouse building. More commercial structures seem to have survived the Scarano purge. At first, we thought this architectural de-Stalinization was due to some flash run amok, but the rendering all disappeared weeks ago and have gone into the internet ether, now available only to those with screencaps. Oddly, one of the survivors of the Slaughter of the Renderings is one of the most detested of all the Scaranos--the Carroll Gardens Hell Building with the controversial tumor on top. This should appeal to those with an appetite for the ironic. Please, King of the Brooklyn Architects, bring back our renderings we miss looking through them. It's like all the Picassos disappearing from MOMA. Why? Why? Why?
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