Reader Rant: 2 Columbus Circle is Not ‘Restored!'

Woo boy, do not piss of a preservationist! Apparently, our local public radio station WNYC is running ads for the Museum of Art & Design, the new tenant at the Bose Acoustic Wave Music System II. Therein lies the trouble, a reader writes:

WNYC should frankly be ashamed to be advertising the Museum of Art & Design's opening in the "newly restored" building at 2 Columbus Circle. "Newly renovated" would be far more accurate, as architect Brad Cloepfil's design includes cutting into the supporting curtain wall, entirely replacing the original marble facade with mildly translucent terra-cotta and otherwise emasculating Edward Durell Stone's neo-Venetian design. What's done is done and the City's failure to even consider preserving this building is now its lasting legacy but please do not attempt to sugar-coat this bitter urban battle with false statements.

Well, we know one person who won't be donating to the museum's endowment!
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