RackedWire: Election Night Parties in Williamsburg and the West Village

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[Scene from a Soundfix party in 2007 via undergrounder/Flickr]

WILLIAMSBURG Soundfix Records recognizes that a person can love cheap beer and vote Democrat, which is why they're offering a free PBR to any Joe or Jane Sixpack who arrives to their election party wearing an "I Voted" sticker. The party is at 110 Bedford Avenue at 11th Street; after 11pm, they'll be supplementing the free beer with $3 well drinks. "The fun starts at 8pm and lasts until Barack's officially our Prez!" chirps the invite. Way to jinx it, guys. [Soundfix]

WEST VILLAGE—Speaking of the inherent falsehood of most beer-related stereotypes, we recognize that there are people who enjoy both Pabst Blue Ribbon and frothy, girly, poofy-skirted party dresses. Luckily, this election night offers a little of both: The good people of Tracy Reese are holding a party at their store at 641 Hudson Street. Between 9pm and midnight, get 20% off any purchase. Should dancing in the streets break out shortly thereafter, you'll be well prepared. [Racked Inbox]For more stories from Racked, go to racked.com.

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