RackedWire: Art Gallery Party at the Columbia Waterfront; Plum and Pear Expand on the L.E.S.

[Illustration via the Brooklyn Collective]

COLUMBIA WATERFRONT—This Saturday, October 11, boutique and art gallery the Brooklyn Collective celebrates its fourth anniversary with free wine, free beer, free art, and a free performance by Tattoo Girl Burlesque. Meet the artists and view the show at 198 Columbia Street between Sackett and DeGraw, starting at 6:30; the party commences at 9pm at the Mazzat Mediterranean Kitchen, which is just next door. [The Brooklyn Collective]

LOWER EAST SIDE—Sister boutiques Plum and Pear are stealing each other's gimmicks, as sisters are wont to do. Clothing boutique Plum will now carry shoes; shoe store Pear will now sell clothes. [Racked Inbox]For more stories from Racked, go to racked.com.

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