Questlove: Next Roots Album May Be “Brought to You By Downy”

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Nicole Wasilewicz

Questlove, on a panel with other music and media leaders for Social Media week, said last night the industry is becoming more and more about selling out for sponsorship.

"Coming from Grammy weekend ... after seeing the sort of unspoken invisible tsunami that has washed over the music industry -- Noah's Ark style," founding member of The Roots said Wednesday night. "I'm almost convinced now more than ever that [the shift] might start occurring in less than two years."

He added, "Maybe the next Roots album will be brought to you by Downy or Raid roach spray."

The panel discussed the future of the industry and, well, Twitter, on Wednesday night in the former Tower Records on Broadway in the midst of a temporary revamp by No Longer Empty.

"Courtney Love was telling me, 'Me and Michael Stipe go on the Internet all the time and we argue with our fans' and I was like, 'Are we allowed to do that?'" Questlove joked while talking about the beginnings of digital media for The Roots.

Now with nearly 1.3 million followers, the self-proclaimed Twitter addict is in a constant state of retweeting. And with the recent social networking boom, along with recession coasting economy, digital marketing has become the priority.

The discussion was led by new media strategist James Andrews, and fellow panelists Andrew Katz, Senior Marketing Manager for Pepsi and Marisa Bangash, co-Founder of Uncensored Interview.

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