Premiere: Gladshot’s “Corporate Safe + Secure”


Good news for fans of rock musicals with indie-rock budgets.  The New York quartet Gladshot has teamed with James Rado, creator of the O.G. rock musicial Hair, and Johanna McKeon, associate director of Green Day's American Idiot, for the new musicial Barcode. The show will run from September 30 through October 2 at The Bowery Electric, and unlike Hair or American Idiot will not require you to take out a small loan to score tickets.

NBC Nonstop Sound has the premiere of  Barcode anthem "Corporate Safe + Secure,” right here, and if you like co-ed vocals, B-52 style organs and dystopian futures narratives, you should be happy, even if you'll have to attend the show in person to properly judge Gladshot's dance moves. 

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