Prada Fakes It

Giving the age-old adage "fake it 'til you make it" a whole new meaning, Prada introduced their new collection of costume jewelry to the drooling masses. WWD described the collection as featuring "faux jewels with a retro look", and indeed these sparklers would light up the darkest of little black dresses.

Whether it's financial woes or an urge to create the same kind of statement jewelry that Lanvin's been showing, one can't be entirely sure, and it should also be said that these pieces aren't exactly cheap: The label will be offering $390 for earrings and $750 for necklaces, which makes sense considering—in true Prada style—these items will still have a designer seal on them in ways that transcend logos. Apparently, Prada not only commissioned their own exclusive shatterproof material— pieces of said material, cut like precious stones, will be hand applied to each piece.

So, in summary, yes, you'll be getting your money's worth. In case you're not besties with Miucca or planning to head to the Prada flagship any time soon, New York Magazine put together a great costume jewelry-buying guide back in August that's worth revisiting, or head downtown to get a glimpse of two truly irreplaceable New York jewelry stores: Doyle & Doyle on Orchard Street is a tucked-away gem with hordes of vintage wedding rings, earrings, and heirlooms—each more delicate and unique than the last. Then there's the newly relocated Pippin on 17th Street, which is more of a glorious hodgepodge of upscale and folksy vintage— a real find, especially for gifts. (Which, as an aside, please no one say they're already gift-hunting. Good gravy, people, it's not even November.)

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