Paul McCartney to Perform at Apollo Theatre

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Now that the Beatles/iTunes grappling has come to a close and the Fab Four’s catalogue is available for online sale, Paul McCartney is free to remember rock and roll radio, like the Ramones (and very few others). And if you’re in the mood, you may get to celebrate alongside him.

To mark the launch of Sirus XM’s “Paul McCartney’s Band On The Run Radio,” a monthlong, Macca-centric channel of Beatles, Wings, and solo material, McCartney will perform at New York’s vaunted Apollo Theater on December 13. Tickets are closed to the public and will be awarded to Sirius subscribers via call-in contests and online promotions. His show will be broadcast live on Sirius radio as well.

Spoiler alert: recent McCartney sets have tended to start with “Jet,” in our experience. Also taken from personal account: there’s a strange limbo in the middle when he plays Fireman solo meanderings and the crowd aimlessly rifles through bags for uppers, but this quickly segues into a marathon Beatles greatest-hits block that is out of this world or any other.

“Paul McCartney’s Band On The Run Radio,” premieres on Nov. 30 at 3 p.m. EST and runs through Dec. 26. on Sirius station 33. Maybe Steve Jobs will be there in his Popemobile to crack wise again -- “Long and winding road” indeed, sir.

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