Party Time at MTV's Jersey Shore House

"It's amazing," screamed Marilyn Dillon in the living room of MTV's Jersey Shore house in Seaside Heights, as the show's theme music, 'Get Crazy' by LMFAO blasted though the rooms at her Sweet 16 party.

The show may be moving on -- MTV won't say where -- but you can rent the house that has had a starring role since the reality show became an instant and controversial hit late last year.

Friday night, Dillon and a few dozen of her friends "beat up the beat" and partied like America's favorite "guidos" and "guidettes."

The teen bash was the first shindig to be held since MTV put the house on the map.

"For under five thousand these people are having a great party, includes their DJ, their food and the house," said Michael Loundy of Seaside Realty.

Right now, the house rents for $3500 a night. It'll go up in season, and for the coming summer, Loundy said the asking price is $15,000 for a three day holiday weekend like July 4.

But for some 50 or so screaming, dancing teens, it seemed to be worth every penny.

"Pretty fantastic," shouted Aly Schaffer to the music being spun by DJ Nicky just a few feet away.

Then we got a fist pump and a "Wooo" from her friend Bridget Flanagan.

Marilyn's father, Michael Dillon, has seen the show a few times. He works for the restaurant that catered his daughter's party. Ironically, it's Italian -- Joe Leone.

Of the show, Mr. Dillon said it has some positives for New Jersey. "It's a nice place to live and great neighbors," he said.

Even before the owners started renting it out with its newfound fame, dozens of young people would drive by the house every day to have their picture taken in front. They were even doing it the night of this party.

"This is the place to be, the Jersey Shore," said Marilyn's mother, Robin Dillon.

Maybe it offers a kind of renaissance for the Jersey Shore, which has had its ups and downs in recent years, since Realtor Loundy says he sees an increase in rental interest this coming summer.

But the Jersey Shore house likely will stand out by itself.

"People are mad that I didn't invite them," admitted Marilyn, who said her Dad would let her invite only so many people.

As we were leaving, Realtor Loundy had one more word for us. He said the owners are trying to arrange that income from one rental will be used for Haiti relief.

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