Parole Board Scraps Lohan's Charity Boxing Match

Michael Lohan's charity boxing match has gotten KO'd by the New York state parole board.

The father of actress and tabloid queen Lindsay Lohan took bids last month for the chance to fight him Monday on Long Island. The president of business computing firm Future Tech Enterprise Inc. put in a winning bid of $30,000 to scrap with Lohan, until parole officials stepped in.

Spokeswoman Heather Groll says the parole board frowns on Lohan's participation in a boxing match -- even for charity -- because he spent 20 months in prison for attempted assault.

Lohan tells the Daily News he is "very disappointed" but understands the decision.

The parole board says Lohan is free to engage in whatever charity events he wants after his parole ends in February.

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