Opening Report: The Frustrations of a Semi-Open Mr. Jones

Back when Kurve opened, then closed, then opened but was only kind of open (serving one quarter of the menu), they got a bit of flack. But they aren't the only place to pull these shenanigans. And we're not talking about a soft opening or an opening without liquor. Read the following tale of a diner trying to check out Mr. Jones, the East Village's new yakitori spot, listed as opening from everyone from TONY to Thrillist to Daily Candy:

"2 friends and I stopped by here last night because of the Daily Candy email on the 24th claiming the restaurant would be open as of the 25th..."

" However, this restaurant is NOT open (plywood all over the storefront, chained up) and when we called to inquire, the hostess said that they were serving people in the basement via a limited number of reservations. The next available reservations were for October 13th. By peeping in through the plywood, it looked like the entire restaurant would not be open until October 13th."

We understand the pressure to open on time. No one likes paying the rent and the cooks' salaries while waiting on some minor details like city inspections—or finishing the upstairs dining room. However, we have to implore the other restaurants opening this fall: wait until the menu is complete, the dining room habitable, the staff trained, and just be happy you aren't 10 Downing.
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