Off the Cuff: MTA Goes Rock 'n Roll

Plus it’s the last weekend for the (PRODUCT)RED Artist Edition pop-up, retro-mod rocket pops, Carlene Bauer’s compelling memoir and more

ON THE GRID: By now, anything new that’s NYC subway-themed should make us roll our eyes – we’ve seen it on everything from totes to shower curtains – but Tiffany Burnette’s matte metal cuff embossed with the map is just hawt. Just $25, shipping included, from DesignHype.

PUSHING 30: Everything – every last item – at this weekend’s massive multi-season Misorena sample sale is $29.99, including Miss Sixty down coats (originally $359) and jersey dresses (were $199), and Staerk mocassins for men (down from $200). Lots of Energie, Calvin Klein goods, too. Misorena, 260 Fifth Avenue near 28th Street; 212-725-5400.

LAST CHANCE: Don’t miss the fall line of (PRODUCT)RED Artist Edition t-shirts at the Fifth Avenue Gap pop-up gallery and shop – the installation/boutique closes Monday. Pick up tees from 11 of the collection’s artists ($28 each), and experience multimedia pieces (sculpture, sketches) from the likes of Keiko Itakura and James Jean. 680 Fifth Avenue near 53rd Street; 212-977-7023.

LIFT OFF: As we recall from childhood, lumpy homemade frozen pops never quite had the fun factor of the multicolored or novelty-shaped treats from the ice cream truck. But the Tovolo Blue Rocket Ice Pop Molds change all that: the six pops freeze into Jetsons-riffic rocket shapes: instant summer. $14.99 at the Brooklyn Kitchen, 616 Lorimer Street near Skillman Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn; 718.389.2982.

HIGHER CALLING: Carlene Bauer’s book “Not That Kind of Girl” (HaerperCollins) might be lost in a sea of chatty, self-ogling 20something-NYC-hipster memoirs were it not for two things. One, she’s a practicing Christian who’s sexually abstinent. And two, she genuinely struggles with it – this is no surface-skimming book deal ploy. It’s the real thing. $ 12.47 at Strand Bookstore, 828 Broadway at 12th Street; 212-473-1452.

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