The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

Buck up, FiDi, at least there's a baby boom in the neighborhood! [NY Times]

Homebody Staten Island: the one town that's not a way station to somewhere else. [NY Times]

Spooked lenders charge more for reliable mortgage rates. [NY Times]

Even owners not safe: Co-op and condo fees on the rise. [NYDN]

Brown Harris Stevens gobbles up an institution. [NY Times]

Foreclosed on? Call ACORN. [NYDN]

Meet your new, improved, recession-era brokerage! [NY Times]

Much ado over a morally hazardous bailout. [WSJ]

Partitioned apartments more attractive, still dangerous. [NY Times]

Celebrated Coney butcher closing up shop. [NY Post]

Economy throws a wrench in rebranding Manhattan Valley. [Spectator]

Lopez pulls rank in Section 8 housing spat. [NY Post]

Garage sale: Manhattan real estate sinking another 30 to 50 percent? [Barron's]

Casita necesita: Carrion acts to protect little bits of Puerto Rico in the Bronx. [NY Times]

Probably the first time too little traffic has been a problem. [NY Post]

Growth sector: Commercial real estate auctioneering. [NY Times]

New York-based Russian oil billionaire goes on real estate bargain bender. [NY Post]

Gioia wants to yank Garden's allowance. [NYDN]

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