The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

Schumer announces New York City to receive a $3.4 billion “shot in the arm” from federal stimulus package. [NYDN]

Print on blogs (That’s right, kids! They’re looking at you!) [NY Times]

With cash sparse, REITs give of themselves instead. [NY Times]

Long Island to Baybridge: Downsizing 101. [NY Times]

When the city sneezes, Stamford gets pneumonia. [NY Times]

Hotels on the skids as occupancy drops off a cliff; many won’t be able to pay off mortgages. [WSJ]

City’s promises for a filtration plant in a Bronx park aren’t holding water. [Gotham Gazette]

Bronx bodegas on the brink! [NYDN]

But—small credit unions stepping in to help struggling mom ‘n' pops. [NYDN]

Tanked economy forcing more to shack up illegally in smaller spaces. [NYDN]

If a free iPod doesn’t get brokers to Brooklyn, we don’t know what will. [NY Times]

Desperate times and desperate measures in a 67th Street listing. [NY Times]

One large builder tries offering cut-rate mortgages to tempt buyers. [WSJ]

In luxury complex, Rockrose pushes out “troublemakers” who air gripes online. [NY Times]

Mansions going begging in recession-hit Hamptons. [NY Post]

Mammoth mixed-use project in Queens starts to disintegrate as lenders balk. [Crain’s]  read more »

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