Will Schrager Ban Batali? Coat Checks Chill During Recession

• Lee Schrager will neither confirm nor deny the rumors that Mario Batali will not be invited to the next round of Wine & Food Festivals after swearing in front of Spanish royalty at SoBe. [NYP]

• Meanwhile, in Spain, Batali's F-bomb has been turned into a popular ringtone. [Times UK via Feedbag]

• Fewer diners are checking coats, and they're also tipping less. [NYT]

• B.R. Guest director of Wine & Spirits Laura Maniec has become NYC's first female master sommelier. [Eater]

• Online coupon use is on the rise. [WSJ]

• America could save half a million gallons of oil per year by reducing the amount of water used to boil pasta. [NYT]

• Frito-Lay has launched a new campaign to sell their products to women. Among the changes are changing the name of Smartfood to SmartCorn, and a series of Cathy-like cartoon ads called "Only in a Woman's World." [NYT]

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