The Mascara-Onion Test; Eight-Foot-Long Dreadlocks World Record

Cutting onions doesn't phase those eyes.
Photo: FilmMagic

• Model Josie Maran put the mascara from her cosmetics line to the test by cutting up onions, crying, and having it not turn runny and gross. She also said she tested her makeup wipes with transvestites. This girl knows how to get creative. [BellaSugar]

• A Florida woman is aiming to make the Guinness World Records by having the longest dreadlocks in the world. Hers have been growing for twenty years and the longest dread is eight feet, nine inches long. Just think of all the shampoo money she's saved by not washing her hair. [Jezebel]

• Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Serum is for making hair smooth, so few understand why it's called "skinny." We agree — hair products shouldn't be associated with dieting. [Beauty Snob]

• La Prairie launched their most expensive cream — a $1,000, 1.7-ounce Cellular Cream Platinum Rare which supposedly fights aging. The president of the company says that this is an investment and there is an audience for it. [WWD]

• Little, hard, white bumps around the eyes may not be whiteheads. Instead, it might be Milia, which can come from using too heavy of an eye cream. A) Gross. B) It better not be caused by the $1,000 goop. [Beauty Counter/]

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