Salma Hayek to Launch Her Own Line of Cosmetics

Just look at her skin. Really.

In the latest celebrity turned designer news, Salma Hayek is launching a cosmetics collection. The line, which she has researched for the past three years, will focus on providing anti-aging products at an affordable price. It will also be named after her inspiration, her maternal grandmother, a cosmetologist named Maria Luisa, who didn't have any wrinkles when she passed away at 96. And while we usually think that celebrities endorsing cosmetics is a dime a dozen, Salma Hayek is, well, hot. The woman is in her forties, a fantastic actress, just had a baby, and married a billionaire, for goodness sake. It wouldn't exactly suck to look like her. So, marketing executives, bring on your Salma brainwashing. We're already willing to do anything to avoid wrinkles. Slap her name on it, and it basically sells itself.

Hayek To Launch Cosmetics Line [Daily Dish/SFGate]

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