More Katie Holmes for Miu Miu: Her Hand Is on Fire

Another image from Katie Homes's Miu Miu campaign just dropped and wow. We thought she looked repressed in the picture that came out yesterday. But what is going on here? We suppose the idea was to expand on the draping of the dress and go with a Grecian goddess motif — a pragmatic approach. But just what is Katie the Goddess of? Supressed emotion? Angst the depths of which Jenny Humphrey knows not, even when going through her Fiona Apple phase? Women suffocated by Scientologist husbands, paparazzi, children more fashionable than themselves, and their inability to be their own person? Perhaps this picture tells us that even that pain is not as acute as sticking a bare hand into an open flame. Deep, Miu Miu. Deep.

EXCLUSIVE: Even More Katie Holmes for Miu Miu! [People]
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