Michelle Obama's ‘Vogue' Cover Still Up in the Air

Our heart skipped a beat when we read the following in the Newsweek cover story from last week about Michelle Obama:

…Michelle looks nothing like the supermodels who rule the catwalks or the porcelain-faced actresses who hawk must-have cosmetics. Yet now she's going to grace the March cover of Vogue magazine — the ultimate affirmation of beauty.

Yes, those lines were buried in a giant feature story as if they were nothing, with no further details. Oh, Newsweek. But are they true? We asked Vogue about the slip and a spokesman told us, "That was incorrect. We're still very interested in working with her, but it still hasn't been specifically determined what we're going to do." Booooo. However, at least we know something involving both Vogue and Michelle is in the works. Who knew Newsweek was such a tease?

What Michelle Means to Us [Newsweek]

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