Madonna's Hairy Green Dress Is Actually Louis Vuitton

Madonna and Guy Ritchie settled their divorce. But who cares when she wore that green dress to the Gucci UNICEF party last night? At first, when we saw it, we thought maybe she had dipped herself in 24-karat-real-gold paint and then rolled around in a bunch of shredded money because she's Madonna and she can. But what looks like a dead Fraggle in this picture is actually a fabulous piece of Louis Vuitton from the spring 2009 collection. This all but confirms Madonna is the face of the house's spring 2009 campaign. Wearing Louis to a Gucci event? If we raised our eyebrows even higher, our hairline would eat them. We do hope Madge is styled better in the ads. The dress is fabulous, just not on her, here. We must say, though, her hair and makeup look gorgeous. Who says divorce is bad for the skin?

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Is Madonna the Next Face of Louis Vuitton?

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