Is Heidi Klum Heavy? Germany Seems to Think So

That doesn't look too heavy to us ...

Is the "Body" unfit to be a runway model? That's what some German critics are saying about Heidi Klum. We know, we know, first Karolina K. was called fat, and now the Klumster is "heavy." Designer Wolfgang Joop told BILD.COM, "She is no runway model. Heidi Klum is simply too heavy and has too big a bust. And she always grins so stupidly. That is not avant-garde — that is commercial."

Oh, but there's more. The Kaiser got in on the action, claiming he and all of France have no idea who she is.

Perhaps the truth of the matter is that the Victoria's Secret gals aren't the rail-thin models of the couture and RTW runways. They are, after all, selling lingerie. And to sell bras, you kind of need the curves to fill them out. And judging from the recent German GQ cover, Klum is still thinner than anyone we know. And quite hot.

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