Hedi Slimane Shot Lindsay Lohan Topless

Hedi Slimane is best known these days for his photographs of rock festivals and brooding male models (see: here, here, and here). But he recently shot a scantily clad Lindsay Lohan just, well, because. The photos are on Slimane's website. Shots include LiLo smoking a cigarette, LiLo wearing nothing more than skintight pants with her waist-length hair strategically placed, LiLo wearing a leather jacket with nothing underneath, LiLo with a nipple barely showing. As far as fashion photography goes, we think the photos are fantastic. Hedi is good at what he does.

However, more people are talking about how thin LiLo looks than anything else, since this is literally the most of her we've seen since her apparent weight loss. We saw her at Fashion Week and she looked very thin, and she still looks quite thin in these photos. However, models in most spreads look thinner, which is not to say they look unwell, but it's the standard of beauty the industry has embraced for ages now. Maybe Lindsay's unwell, maybe she isn't. But we can be sure millions of girls out there are struggling with body-image issues, and the fashion industry probably has something to do with it. Also, smoking causes cancer.

Hedi Slimane Fashion Diary: Lindsay Lohan [Hedi Slimane]

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