Fug Girls: Narciso's Regulars — Claire, Juliana, and Jessica — Come Out to Play

We're beginning to think Kanye West might be the Superman of Fashion Week. We were sitting in the Tent on Tuesday night waiting for Narciso Rodriguez to start, wondering if anyone other than the usual suspects would show, when he swept in to save the day. What, after all, is more heroic than entertaining the masses by wearing a bow tie and sunglasses in the middle of the night, while escorting a woman in red plastic pants whose own specs resemble the front of snorkeling goggles? Thank you, Kanye. Without your intervention, we might have been tempted to weigh in on the conversation going on behind us: A woman announced she wanted to lose twenty pounds. Her companion told her he thought she should either only lose five, or gain forty. It's for the best that we didn't get involved.

As for the regulars, most of them came out to play. Newly engaged Claire Danes arrived without fiancé Hugh Dancy, but she looked the happiest we've ever seen her, and very pretty in a black and green dress. Considering that she traditionally looks like she'd rather be digging her own grave with a spoon than deal with the press, we think her upcoming nuptials are doing her some good. To her left perched Jessica Seinfeld sans Jerry (we hope there's not trouble in paradise), but she seemed to be having a blast even without his constant witticisms, and gave Narciso an incredibly enthusiastic standing ovation at the end of the evening. Juliana Margulies also beamed widely, but wouldn't you be jolly, too, if you were (a) totally gorgeous, (b) wearing a crazy-hot black Narcisco cocktail dress, and (c) accompanied by an extremely cute husband? A husband who not only joins you out on the town during Fashion Week, but who appears interested in the clothes and in which ones you like? Dreamy. The ladies spent much of the show chatting, and burst into what almost looked like a choreographed chorus of laughter when models came down the runway wearing bucket hats pulled low over the forehead, with holes for eyes cut out, like some kind of hilarious hat/mask combo. They were surprisingly charming for something that looked like what Batgirl might wear to rob a bank in the dead of winter. We can't wait to see Kanye wearing that tomorrow. Hopefully he'll appear out of thin air in one next time we get bored.

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