Fug Girls: Agyness Deyn Brings Happiness to All Humanity

Agyness Deyn walking in Anna Sui.

“I’m depressed,” our cab driver announced, as soon as we got into the car to head for Bryant Park on Wednesday night. We murmured something sympathetic-sounding. “I don’t want to talk about it,” he told us. If only we could have taken him along with us to Anna Sui’s show on Wednesday night. If the appearance of Agyness Deyn didn’t cheer him up, nothing would.

Agyness — who we were beginning to think was trapped under a bookcase somewhere — both closed and opened the show to a packed house, including Peaches Geldof, who was accompanied by a man who was not her soon-to-be ex-husband Max Drummey, but who seemed to be cut out of the same cloth. Somebody has a type! We also spied little Miss Taylor Momsen, who’d used her spare time after Marchesa to change into a very Jenny Humphrey–esque party frock, which she topped with a cropped leather jacket and approximately one metric ton of eyeliner. She looked kind of annoyed, frankly, but that’s probably just because people are always making fun of her eyeliner.

From our vantage point, it seemed like Taylor was placed about as far away from her Gossip Girl comrade, Jessica Szohr, as humanly possible. We’re pretty sure this means that they hate each other, and that they spend most of their time on the set punching each other in the face. Tell your friends. For her part, Jessica seemed friendly and relaxed, giving interviews and taking pictures with young fans, as well as kind of rocking a hot pair of booties. We like her so much better when she’s not Vanessa.

Also present to take in Sui’s be-feathered headgear were Monet Mazur; Leigh Lezark wearing something that looked inspired by a referee; Daisy Lowe with her boyfriend, Will Cameron (who looks so much like Ron Weasley’s long-lost brother to us that we have to wonder if anyone has suggested he try out for a role in the next Harry Potter); and Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas and his wife Marisol. We haven’t seen this much of Rob Thomas since it was 1996 and our college roommate was obsessed with him. She would be happy to hear that he’s aging very nicely indeed. See? Agyness portends good news all around.

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