Erin Wasson Explains That Comment She Made About Homeless People

In September, model Erin Wasson got a lot of flack when she told Nylon TV that she thought homeless people on Venice Beach had the best style. Five months later, Erin still feels misunderstood.  “I was not meaning to demean homeless people whatsoever!” she insisted when we called her at home yesterday as she packed for London Fashion Week. “I have actually talked to these homeless people. I’ve had conversations with them. It’s a choice that they’ve made. They don’t want to have a job. They enjoy being completely free. I’ll see people on the beach and aesthetically, they look awesome, and because it’s so uncontrived and uninhibited. I got a lot of heat for that. It wasn’t that I was like ‘Oh yeah, homeless people are so cool; it’s so cool to see people that are homeless looking cool.’ It’s the lack of complexity in the way that they dress and the fact that there’s no thought behind it whatsoever that’s so righteous. You know?”

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