Chanel's New Commercial Sounds Exorbitantly Expensive; Joaquin Phoenix Uses the EZ Comb

Audrey Tautou at the Chanel shoot.

• The new Chanel No. 5 fragrance-campaign commercials starring Audrey Tautou and model Travis Davenport were shot by Jean-Pierre Jeunet with a crew of 250 all over France and Istanbul for three weeks. They shot last May before everyone lost all their money. [WWD]

• The campaign for Avril Lavigne's first scent, called Black Star, has launched. "I wanted to make sure it was really me — me in a bottle," she said. The bottle is pink and black with studs, of course. [WWD]

• In April, Donatella Versace will launch the floral perfume Versense, inspired by the Mediterranean. [WWD]

• The success of the fragrance business at Rochas made the return of its clothing line possible. [WSJ]

• Joaquin Phoenix has been criticized for his crazy hair, but at least he tried to tame it: Photographers snapped the actor-turned-rapper wearing the EZ Comb. Yeah, the one you saw on an infomercial drunk at 4 in the morning. [ Beauty Department/Glamour]

• Katie Holmes reportedly spent $43,287 primping herself at the Ritz-Carlton for two days before the Valkyrie premiere in Tokyo last week. We doubt she needed that much work done, but someone may as well spend money these days? [Daily Mail]

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