Bon Appétit Readers Are Offal Squeamish asked 5,000 of its visitors what food they’d be willing to give up sex for, and the No. 1 answer was chocolate. Honestly? Snickers really satisfies that much? Runner-up answers were shellfish followed by steak followed by other predictable items (pizza, sushi, foie gras, ice cream, cheese, blah blah blah). More intriguing were the answers to the question “What food is a complete turn-off?”

1. Tripe: 52.3%
2. Blood sausage: 43.8%
3. Liver: 39.5%
4. Runny eggs: 28.8%
5. Canned creamed corn: 16.8%
6. Anything with cilantro: 5.5%

Wow, who knew that the readers of Bon Appétit were such a squeamish lot! A prize to the chef who turns all six of these things into a delicious crostini. Mr. Chang?

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