Beyoncé Shows Us What She Bought at the Pat Field Store

Hey y'all, first, I'd like to say I feel so blessed to be guest-writing on the Cut today. Blogging isn't how I usually spend my Friday afternoons, but I finished doing yoga and polishing my gloves for the day, so I don't really have anything else to do. Also, I don't know what Twitter is. I just wanted to say that I worked so hard for everything I have. It's been a long journey to the top and sometimes a girl has to stop along the way to pamper herself with a shopping trip. So I went to Pat Field and spent $11,000 the other day. Let me show you what I bought. I'd show my husband, Jay-Z, but he doesn't care. And I know my fans, for whom I am so, so thankful, will listen. To the song here in my heart. A melody I start.

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