Barneys' Julie Gilhart Wanted to Flee Fashion Week

At yesterday’s Wool and the Gang dinner at the Smile, we were glad to discover we’re not the only ones ready to lock ourselves in our apartments with a tub of ice cream and some Ambien after this week. Barneys fashion director Julie Gilhart told us that “by Wednesday, I started looking for flights: ‘How much would it cost to just fly away to the Dominican Republic? Would Turks and Caicos be cheaper?’” Somehow Wednesday had been her loony point. “I think it was just too many shows, too many presentations, too many events. It just got excessive,” she said. She’d been able to have a few drinks, but she was going home to rest up for the eight to ten appointments she’s going to today. The trip to the D.R. was just a dream, she explained. “Truthfully I can’t go, because I have to go to Milan next week. It’s too much running around. You get on a plane, you rush, you come back for one day. It’s not relaxing. You maybe just need to sit in your yard and read.” As for trends and must-haves, Gilhart offered only one specific on what you might see in Barneys this fall. “I think it will be the season of the leggings. Oh my God. How many leggings did you see walking down the runway? Bet on leggings.”

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