A Taste of ‘New York' Taste

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Pigs across America are relieved to have made it through New York Taste, our annual tasting event. Several swine were not so lucky and became the prime ingredient of a number of samples prepared by over 40 restaurants. The special guests were London chefs Anthony Demetre of Arbutus and Wild Honey and Tom Aikens of Restaurant Tom Aikens. Both chefs prepared seafood and made their corner of the Skylight space more pungent than we would have liked. But we stopped complaining after we braved Demetre's warm beetroot and sweet-onion tart with smoked eel and horseradish cream, and were delighted to realize we'd eat a whole plate of it. Other highlights were Bar Boulud's roasted Berkshire pig with Brussels sprouts and radishes (though a pig was staring at us as we ate, we were unapologetic); Morimoto's (the star of the event, if you gauge by the amount of photos taken with him) mini foie gras chawan mushi; and Blue Hill's buttermilk panna cotta with homemade V8 and farro cracker. If Blue Hill's V8 ever ends up in a Bloody Mary, we're never drinking anything else again. Watch the slideshow to see what to order next time you're out.

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