60 Minutes Is Doing a Story on Anna Wintour

Rumor has it 60 Minutes is doing a story on Anna Wintour. A 60 Minutes spokesman told us he was unable to comment on stories in the works. But Cut spies have spotted 60 Minutes cameras following Wintour at the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund awards dinner in November, and at the panel discussion she partook in last month with David Remnick and Graydon Carter. So it's been in the works for at least two months. A-Dubs allowed R.J. Cutler's documentary film crew to follow her and her Vogue team for nine months for The September Issue, so who knows how long we'll have to wait for the 60 Minutes piece to come out.

While Gawker speculates Wintour will "emerge puffed up," we hear they're not giving her any special treatment. Just because The September Issue was admiring, doesn't mean the 60 Minutes piece will be. That said, we hear Morley Safer is doing the story, and he's pretty genial with his interview subjects (you can't expect them to sic Mike Wallace on her). At any rate, our fascination with Anna is unquenchable. Whether she comes off as a saint or a she-devil, any footage would excite us. Watching her sit on a couch and drink tea would keep us on the edge of our seats. Not even drinking tea — just sitting there. Like Andy Warhol's Empire State Building, but replace the Empire State Building with Anna. That's all we need.

Will 60 Minutes Help Anna Wintour Keep Hold of Vogue? [Gawker]

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