30 Rock Picks McDonald's Over Serendipity

Last night’s hilarious Valentine’s edition of 30 Rock started off with Salma Hayek’s character declaring McFlurrys the world’s greatest dessert (“the soft swirl of vanilla and the hard crunch of candy and cookies — you’d think they’d fight each other but no, together they are perfecto”) but all her boyfriend, Jack Donaghy, wants for Valentine’s is to go to Plunder (clearly a mockery of Serendipity) and eat its $1,000 sundae: “Imagine a dessert for two, Tahitian-vanilla-bean ice cream in a pool of cognac, drizzled in the world's most expensive chocolate (Amadei Porcelana), covered with shaved white, black, and clear truffles, and topped with edible 25-karat gold leaf.” (A description almost worthy of the $12,000 knish!)

Roped into going to mass, Donaghy covertly recites, to his assistant, his take on the Lord’s Prayer: “Our Jonathan / who art in the office / hallowed be my reservation / If you are able / hold my table / at Plunder, as we will not be there by 7. Have them delay / our heavenly dessert / and forgive us our lateness / as we forgive those who cause lateness against us.” Hayek, of course, isn’t pleased — “Go to your stupid restaurant, eat your gold ice cream!”— but in the end, she and Donaghy reunite: “I believe we were reunited by the most successful capitalist enterprise of the last 100 years,” says Donaghy, “despite the McLean Deluxe or the Mickey Moo McEmu.” Watch the whole episode at NBC.

St. Valentine’s Day [NBC]

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