Crosby Street Shopping Guide

Where to shop for a new scent, vintage books, and more.

While most people head straight to Broadway when it comes to Soho shopping, just a block east, you'll find a kind of secret Soho -- a charming street that offers a more relaxed experience and some real retail gems.

Min New York
117 Crosby Street
This apothecary stocks an amazing variety of scents and candles curated from all over the world. Looking for a new signature scent? Sign up for one of the store's "fragrance flights," and let the experts help guide you through a series of fragrances based on your taste.

35 Crosby
35 Crosby Street
The anchor tenant at 35 Crosby is New York jewelry label, Aesa, which is known for its statement-making collars and gorgeous pendants, which start at around $100. Best of all, the store also features a rotating cast of other labels, so you'll often get a new experience each time you shop.

Housing Works Book Store
126 Crosby Street
100 percent of the proceeds at this inviting book shop go to the Housing Works mission to end homelessness and AIDS. In addition to the fabulous table books and mystery paperbacks, the bi-level space also offers a great coffee shop in the backs, making this a great stop on a cold afternoon to curl up with a latte and a book.

Saturdays Surf
31 Crosby Street
This lifestyle shop is inspired by the surf culture -- from wetsuits to books -- and also happens to serve some of the best coffee on the block.

Derek Lam
10 Crosby Street
Derek Lam's relaxed brand of luxury is the ultimate in Soho dressing, so stop in here to dress like you're a local. The store features exquisite curved glass partitioning off different areas, so it's worthy popping in just to explore.

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