Kevin Spacey: New “Superman” Will Be “Very Dark”

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Kevin Spacey, well known for his role as Lex Luther in “Superman Returns,” revealed details about the next “Superman” film.

“To my knowledge, there is going to be another ‘Superman’ movie,” Spacey said. “I think they have decided to reboot it and they are going very dark, from what I understand.”

While he doesn’t expect to play a role in that action film, he does have others in the works. An exclusive audience at the 92nd Street Y in the Upper East Side last night was privy to a screening of Spacey’s latest film, “Casino Jack.”

The drama is based on the alleged fraud scandal of Washington D.C. lobbyist Jack Abramoff, played by Spacey.

Spacey said that when he went to the prison to meet Abramoff for the first time, he wasn't concerned of being manipulated by the former lobbyist. 

“I think he was so bitterly disappointed that Brad Pitt wasn’t playing him,” Spacey said. “So, seducing me wasn’t a priority for him.”

With Spacey’s film credits ranging from the popular dramas “21” and “American Beauty” to the science-fiction film, “Moon,” he says that no matter what role he’s playing, he always finds a thrill in developing a character that audiences will become involved with and enjoy watching.

“One of the great pleasures of being an actor is that you’re like a detective,” Spacey said. “You’ve got all these clues about who the person is and you try to sift through them and create a film that is entertaining and fun.”

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