Stacy London: Just Be Yourself

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Fashionista Stacy London told a crowd at 92nd Street Y in the Upper East Side last night that the expectations put on women by the fashion industry to look a certain way sends out the wrong message.

“One of the things we need to remember is the impossible standard that’s being set up before us,” London said. “Aspiring to that standard denies us the opportunity to realize and experience how unique we all are.”

She added, “There is nobody comparable to you. Not on any level really. You can never be somebody else. You can try your hardest -- gain weight, lose weight, cut your hair, change your lipstick -- I don’t care. You’re still going to be you and that’s who you should be.”

London is the co-host of the styling reality show “What Not To Wear,” alongside Clinton Kelly, and said they live by the rule that trends are not the most important.

“You don’t have to worry about the trends because trends are going to come and go,” London said. “As long as you are dressing yourself in the best shapes and styles for your body, you’re always going to look good.”

While most people pass judgment on others, based on appearances, within the first three seconds of meeting and also judge their own appearance, London says she likes to have a different approach.

“My sister taught this to me – don’t judge, just notice,” London said. “Judging is not what I want you to do with your body. I want you to notice and I want you to be really honest with yourself about what you like and don’t like because then you can decide what you want to highlight and what you want to camouflage.”

She also advised all women to remember to embrace who they are and dress for their bodies, not an unrealistic model walking down a fashion runway.

“If we don’t aspire to what’s realistic, we’ll always have a sense of failure,” London said. “If you are busy comparing yourself to an unrealistic standard of beauty, what hope do you have of actually dressing yourself?”

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