Connie Chung Offers Lewis Black Dating Advice


Connie Chung just wants Lewis Black to settle down already.

The newswoman offered the famously sarcastic comedian relationship advice at the 92nd Street Y Wednesday night, but the single 62-year-old "Daily Show" correspondent said he doesn't want to change his lifestyle.

“What if I said, 'Nah, Connie told me to find a girlfriend',” the loudmouthed comic theorized about turning down a good career opportunity. “I want to do it, while I still enjoy it.”

The two were discussing Black's new autobiographical book, I'm Dreaming of a Black Christmas, which Black describes as “a book about being single disguised as a Christmas book.”

Black, who is Jewish and said his sole Christmas ritual as writing checks, began his conversation with Chung about his past relationships before he started the beloved Black ritual of blasting the state of American society.

He was relentless about the voters of Alaska. “If they were drunk on a different liqueur the night before, the Democrat would have won,” Black explained about how Sarah Palin was elected governor, adding that Alaskans “drink and drink” and criticized them for having a cocktail called the “duck fart.”

On the topic of the midterm elections, the comedian said: “If Christine O'Donnell won, I would have gone to the National Guard and asked him to invade [Delaware] as a colony.” He also said he has no plans to buy George Bush's book because“I want mine to beat his.”

It's difficult to match Black's humor, but the polite Chung managed to squeeze a few giggles out of the audience on her own, particularly when she took a stab at Yiddish words like “oy vey.” The two aren't strangers; she first met Black when she invited him to perform for her husband, Maury Povich, and his golf buddies for his birthday. Turns out, Chung and her talk show host husband are huge fans.

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