Comedian Tom Green Reveals 2011 Movie Release

Tom Green hasn't disappeared, he's just been hanging out in his living room -- with thousands of fans.

The comedian and actor, who was briefly a tabloid fixture of 2001 for his short-lived marriage to Drew Barrymore, has in fact been very busy of late. Green continues to host a popular Internet show out of his house, he began a stand-up comedy world tour earlier this year, and on his stop in New York City this weekend he told Niteside that he just wrapped filming a movie, “Prankstar,” which he wrote, directed and stars in.

“It will be coming out in a year or so,” Green said before his Friday night show at Comix Comedy Club in the Meatpacking District. "[Movies] have always been something that I enjoy doing, but it takes such a lot out of you when it comes to directing and writing a movie. It’s a little bit too slow of a moving machine for my attention deficit disorder, so I think I’d like to do one every few years."

As for other people's pictures, Green said he would like to see the latest “Jackass” movie, but his tour schedule has prevented him from going.

“I like 'Jackass' and I know some of those guys,” Green said. “I’m sure it’s awesome."

In 2006, Green started an online talk show, “Tom Green’s House Tonight,” where he interviews celebrities at a studio he built in the living room of his Los Angeles home.

“It’s the longest running online talk show in the history of the Internet and the highest rated,” Green boasts. “I was the first one to do it and I’m still going.”

Green starred in the MTV hit series of the late 90’s, “The Tom Green Show,” which was well known for its shock humor, but was discontinued around the time that Green was diagnosed with (and later successfully treated for) cancer. Now he says that even though he enjoyed doing the show, he doesn’t really miss TV.

“I get literally just as many viewers on the web show,” Green said. “[Now] I have nobody really telling me what to do and I can basically do whatever I want creatively and that’s a lot of fun. I’m really in control of my own little business.”

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