“Back to the Future” Script Was Rejected More Than 40 Times, Writer Says

The "Back to the Future" screenwriter revealed to Niteside that the script for the cult classic was turned down dozens upon dozens of times.

"The original script was rejected over 40 times," writer and producer Bob Gale told Niteside Monday night during the 25th anniversary of the trilogy that grossed hundreds of millions and celebration of its Blu-Ray and DVD release.

"The idea that [the film] was even going to make its money back when it came out in 1985 -- much less still be around today -- how could we imagine that?"

Gale, who joined fellow cast and crew at the reunion held at Guastavino's on Monday in Manhattan, credited the actors with making the story come to life on the silver screen.

"We all knew Michael from 'Family Ties.' He was the original first choice for the movie, but the producer of 'Family Ties' wouldn't let him out of the show to do it. [He] wouldn't even let [Michael] read the script," Gale said.

They shot for five weeks with a back-up actor: "It wasn't working," Gale said.

"We went back [and said],'We are up the creek here. Could we convince you?'" A flexible schedule eventually won them over.

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