Now Open: Bleecker Meets Ralph Lauren's Kids

In what was quite possibility the easiest, fastest store renovation ever, Ralph Lauren has converted his old women's store at 380 Bleecker into a nice little nook for his children's line. Currently sporting leftover spooky windows from Halloween, the store carries the whole Ralph Lauren range in miniature, like a $195 pea coat for a 5-year old boy and a $350 tartan taffeta dress for little girls. It's preschool runway!

Other than clothing, the interior is done up in what we like to call nouveau-RL, with everything completely white with a small-town Americana charm. The bleached shelves, walls and floors means keep your kid away on days he's got a hankering to color; this is a store catering to the quiet and refined kids (if those even exist).For more stories from Racked, go to

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