New Real Estate Search Tool Inspired By Cult Brainwashing Methods

Everybody's done it: Idly passing the workday hours by browsing online real estate listings, daydreaming about the lovely homes that even a meager salary can support in neighborhoods, you know, not in New York City. (Guilty as charged!)

But if only there was a search tool that really boiled down our thoughts, dreams and desires into recommendations for eternal housing bliss.

Now there is!

Brokerage Coldwell Banker just launched a new beta site, and a fun feature is BlueScape, which asks users to respond to a seemingly never-ending loop of images by clicking thumbs-up or thumbs-down, all while soothing muzak plays in the background.

Those images include both the real estate related (a fancy open kitchen, water views) and the random (couples in love, bubbles), and after you've had enough just click "Get Results," and kaboom, an instant inventory of dream houses.

According to Coldwell Banker, we're best suited for a $1.3 million McMansion in McKinney, Texas, or a $200,000 co-op in the Bronx.

Dr. Joyce Brothers, please analyze.

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