Neighborhood Names: Williamsburg Tightens Its BELT

We knew that as gentrification crept further south in Williamsburg, Broadway—just over the Williamsburg Bridge—would become the major commercial destination that a street named Broadway is destined to become. And while the sneaker boutiques and trendy bars have arrived, we didn't know the occasion would be marked by a whole new name for the area in lieu of just "Williamsburg" or the more street-cred-friendly "South Williamsburg." According to the New York Times' style magazine, T, the area has been dubbed (by whom, we're not quite sure) BELT—meaning Below the Elevated Train. The accompanying write-up (click the picture at right to expand) says the area is "catering to a cool young breed in search of new frontiers without the attitude." Because if you show attitude in the BELT, they show you the, um, belt? Nah, too literal, they probably just spit in your Jameson.
· Style Map: Brooklyn BELT [NYT]

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